Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to draw Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat. Step by step

Hi all,

I am a huge Dr Seuss fan, I remember my mom reading his stories to me as a child and clearly created a love in me for all things Seuss! My colleges know that anything on this theme is mine and I often get sweet messages telling me about something Dr Seuss they have found! To this end, i have been very excited to see all this Dr Seuss stuff on Pinterest and the though of being able to create my very own Cat in The Hat portraits...well I bounced off the wall with excitement! Thank you so much to Tammy at for inspiring this amazing art!

I have included step by step visual instructions here...

we used black markers to draw the cat, red wax crayon to color him in and then black wax crayon to draw "fur" around his face and ears!

 I laugh every time i see them, too sweet!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as i have!

Love Alex


  1. I love this! Going to post it on my FB fanpage tomorrow with your blog and link. THANKS!~~~~ Camden Flores (

  2. Im so glad you like them Camden! I made them again the other day with my kiddies and another win! thanks for the link! xxx