Saturday, 5 January 2013

My type of disclaimer

Hi All,

I have decided to start my first "crafting" activity, tonight , at 6pm. The mood just struck so I went with it.

Now before I launch into crafty talk I need to explain something. This is my first DIY project, ever, in my whole life. I have never made something from something else, never tried my hand at interior decorating, never helped to fix anything in a family garage, nothing.
This is it, ground level. I have no previous gems of knowledge to draw on, if its not on Pinterest then I don't know it.
This means that everything from this point onward is experimental, from technique to tools.

When I started with this idea we didn't run out and buy a bunch of new tools and a work bench. My DIY area is also our dining room and our bar area. Now don't get me wrong, we have some tools, we even have a "man draw" that holds everything from hammers, beading wire, sewing kits, batteries, string, a screwdriver and even a hammer in it. this means that our tool kit is a bit lacking, the plan is to build on the supplies as I need them. After all this is meant to be a money saving activity, not a money burning activity! In the meantime, I make do...

My spatchula / paint scraper
I'm alright with that, as N said when I started this, he doesn't understand why I want to do this, maybe I'm soul searching, maybe I have lost my mind , the jury is still out on that one but I'm excited to see where Crayons and Crafting will take me so for now, that's enough for me!

Until next time,
Love Alex

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