Friday, 4 January 2013

Polka dot theme organisers

Hi All,

I have been busy thinking about how to organise the paperwork in my house, my task for the month of January. As the bills side of things already has a system that we are pretty happy with and works for us, I started examining the other paperwork in my stuff! Somehow it's everywhere! Thankfully my man is tolerant  about the explosion of papers that seem to follow me around!

I have been working on finding a system that works for me and I think I have finally found one that I quite like, but it requires clear labelling to work. I am using plastic folders with a stud to close it and each theme gets its own folder. I have found this to be a good system because art, worksheets, flashcards, theme planners etc. all fit into one place then as each theme comes up I just whip out the folder and have easy access to all my information and master sheets related to the theme. The folders all live in a plastic box which clips shut and has wheels. The boxes can be found at most plastic shops and the folders from Waltons or other stationary shops typically stock them. They can be quite expensive (R12.50 each!) so shop around, I have found them for less than half of this.

I have created A4 labels that I printed and slotted into each file. As my files are tinted I printed these on white paper but if you like it could be printed on coloured card.

 If you would like a copy of these, please just leave your email address in the comments and I will email it to you. It is 51 pages of all the themes I have used in previous years and some others I thought of so its quite a collection! I have also included some blanks for you to create your own sheets and I will gladly create any for you that I have left out so please feel free to use this!

This is the box I keep my folders in.
It has a secure lid too so it can be stacked easily for storage .

A look at my folders. Blue are theme folders and orange are literacy lessons.

Each theme page has the theme written small in the top left hand corner so I can easily flip through them when I am looking for something without having to lift each file out of the box (like my system at the moment!)

This is the front of the folders I use...

...and the back!

I hope you have found this helpful! 
Happy organising!
Love Alex
 I have managed to create a link for this resource in my Dropbox! All you need to do is click on the link below and download it! You will need a Dropbox account (which is free and easy to sign up for...and totally revolutionised my life. No more carrying around flash sticks, which I lose at least 3 times a day at school!). Dropbox is a bit like Google Drive...similar concept...I, personally, have had a better experience in Dropbox, but each to their own I guess.

Click here to download my theme headings document:

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