Wednesday, 6 March 2013

All about me glyphs

Hi All,

Well we have just hit the second week of school and its been a bit hectic but I am enjoying my new kiddies. As always, a new year brings with it new challenges! My kids are settling down nicely and almost no tears so hurrah for that!

Last year I was given the slightly daunting task of foyer art which needs to be replaced every week or two. This is like a bulletin board display that goes up in the main entrance of the school so that ALL the parents can see it! Eek! I am in a preschool which makes my kids the oldest group and hence why this duty has fallen to me. I tried to suggest that each group has a chance but alas no luck. I don't really mind too much though, really, I just need to reel in the perfection freak inside me that demands extra special art goes up (when really I'm sure the parents just like to see their kids creations).

Anyway for this weeks foyer art we are learning about "Me" so I have decided to do "All about me glyphs". This is my first shot at doing glyphs so fingers crossed they come out alright! I created a cute sign explaining the glyph (the key) and off we went!

We started by studying the key and discussing each aspect. I have given you some ideas below but you can adjust things to your needs.

  • We separated into girls and boys to see who would need bows or bow ties.
  • We discussed how old they are for buttons.We did grouping, the correct number of  claps, drawing numbers in the air and on each others backs, number recognition etc. Most of them are still 5 but there are a few that are already 6.
  • With siblings we first discussed our families, who is in our family, who has brother and sisters, how many people they have in their family and looked at our family photographs (sent in by parent earlier in the theme.) We also looked at different types of stripes and spotted patterns. We separated into groups for who would be doing stripes and who would be doing spots.
  • We used our crayons when discussing the bow tie colours and did a few colour recognition activities first before we discussed our favourites colours. 

I was very proud of how my kids did,. it was a nice visual representation of ourselves and the kids enjoyed seeing who had siblings, who was the same age etc.

I did create a basic worksheet of the face outline, bowties or hairbows and the "Hello my name is" sign. Drop me a comment and i will gladly send it to you!

Happy teaching!
Love Alex


  1. Hello Alex,
    I love this glyph. If it is not too much trouble could you send me the templates please.

    My email is

  2. @ Divinity: Hi! Im glad you like them! I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I did!

    I have emailed the template for you, if there is anything you would like changed just shout!

    Love Alex
    Crayons and Crafting