Monday, 13 May 2013

Name trains *Free template*

We are learning about transport so I have been holding onto an idea I found on Pinterest here, which was inspired by this idea! I love that ideas just like this can be found on Pinterest and we can all share ideas! Thank you to these wonderful boggers for all their inspiration! You should really check them out!

Anyway, back to my Name trains...
I created a master of train carriages, with each letter and capital letters. I photocopied these onto colored card and snipped them into individual letters. We colored and cut our engines then stuck them onto long sheets of grey paper i had lying around. We did the capital letter for each child as a class then I allowed my kids to choose the rest of their letters one at a time and stick it onto their trains at their own pace. I wondered around and assisted where necessary. I was really impressed with how well my kids coped with this, even the ones I was a bit concerned about! Don't you just love those moments when your kids surprise you!

I let my kids choose their letters one at a time.
We drew a railway, some cargo and even a conductor

I love our Name trains.

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